Stencil Portal in Unity — VFX Breakdown

Modeling and Texturing

Figure -1- Hand painted textures
Figure -2- Rig for the tail
Figure -3- Concept drawing/ painting for the scene

Stencil Portal

Stencil Render Order Issues

  1. Render the portal mesh with Stencil value 1 (depth and fragment write off)
  2. Render the portal world’s opaque shaders where the stencil buffer equals 1
  3. Render the portal world’s transparent shaders where the stencil buffer equals 1
  4. Render the portal mesh again, but this time render depth (fragment still turned off)
  5. Now render everything else opaque, no need to do stencil checks, since the value of the depth buffer stops you from rendering anything behind the portal’s surface
  6. Render the transparent objects, also no stencil checks
Figure -4- The objects infront of the portal, are rendered correctly

Stylized Ghost

Figure -5- Ghost
Figure -6- Ghost Deformation

Candle Flames

Figure -7- Candle Flames

Mixing Procedural and Baked Animation

Figure -8- Cat Following you around as you move
Figure -9- Plugin the procedural look at matrix in vertex shader

Volumetric Fog

Figure -10- The render stack for fog
Figure -11- Fog lighting
Figure -12- Diffuse Lighting Contribution
Figure -13- Beauty Shots



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